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About Patient Node

The Patient Node works on objectives that can improve the experience of the care the patient receive.

Last year, the group developed often cited UX Measures to support the validation and verification of digital health tools through a user design lens. 

This year, the Node identified a major opportunity within Telehealth. While COVID accelerated the adoption of telehealth and has aligned with the forces of consumerism, price transparency and TEFCA to give patients and caregivers more care options, there is a risk of short to medium-term regression to fewer options. Without a patient experience strategy health providers risk repeating the costly mistakes of the EHR era that created a stigma associated with
digital health.


To ensure patient-centric approach that includes the patient, when appropriate the caregiver, in the design of digital health in order to improve outcomes, quality of life, and patient experience

FY21 Work Group Objective

Telemedicine engages a whole team of people who need to work collaboratively to deliver easy and connected patient experience. This year we will be applying best customer experience practices to evaluate the digital points of onboarding and offboarding a patient on a virtual visit.

Workgroup LEAD
Workgroup LEAD

Want to join the Patient Node?

The Patient NODE kicked off during the FY19 NODE.Health Digital Medicine Conference, focusing on developing UX Measures to support the validation and verification of digital health tools through a user design lens.  During the FY20 Conference, they selected a new objective and have already started making progress. But there is still time to join that workgroup. And if there is enough interest, NODE.Health may form another workgroup under the Patient NODE to tackle a second complementary problem or opportunity.  Join Us!