Jennifer TurgissVice President, Behavior Science & Analytics, Johnson & Johnson

    Jennifer and her team of behavior scientists are responsible for applying proven science and practice-based behavioral strategies to key health and wellness-related solutions being developed throughout the Johnson & Johnson enterprise. This helps to ensure that our solutions offer the greatest potential for sustainable health outcomes and continue to meet the evolving needs of the diverse customers J&J serves. To help ensure we are delivering on this promise, Jennifer and her research and analytics team measure and validate the impact of these solutions and provide real-world insights into ‘what works’, which then helps to fuel future solution development.

    Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in senior management roles at national and global health and wellness organizations. She joined us from Virgin Pulse where she served as Vice President, Health Solutions. In this role, Jennifer was responsible for ensuring scientific integrity and managed all analytics projects for the organization. She was also Director of the Virgin Pulse Institute, working with research partners to contribute relevant information to advance the field of workplace health, wellbeing, and engagement.

    Jennifer has a MS in Exercise Physiology from the University of Colorado and doctorate from Boston University’s School of Public Health, where she specialized in social and behavioral sciences in population health management.