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Digital Medicine Conference 2019


  • NODE.Health's 3rd Annual NODE.Health Digital Medicine Conference in 2019 was entitled Healthcare At the Nexus of Innovation, Evidence, and Transformation meant to capture practical applications of innovation in health.
  • We focused on themes of innovation, evidence and transformation to guide over 61 sessions, workgroups and panels, promoting concepts that were grounded in facts, with aspirations of transforming our industry.
  • The conference continues to be the only event focused on bringing the rigor of evidence-based medicine to digital health while providing real-world practical applications of digital to health.


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Healthcare System

Peter Rasmussen, MD
Medical Director of Digital Health

Cleveland Clinic

Julie Henry
COO- Digital Medicine

Ochsner Health System

Jeffrey Gold, PhD
Director, Children's Outcomes, Research, and Evaluation (C.O.R.E.) Program

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

Dennis Truong, MD
Regional Telemedicine/Mobility Director

Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group (Kaiser Permanente)

Alice Liu
Administrative Resident

Lifebridge Health

DMC 2019 Speakers

Medical Professional Society

DMC 2019 Sessions

By Healthcare System

  •  SESSION  Digital Health Innovation Centers from around the Globe
  •  SESSION  UK’s Vision for Evidence for Digital, Data, and Tech to Support Preventative, Predictive and Personalized Care
  •  SPOTLIGHT  Digital Medicine Grand Rounds: Spotlight on Cardiology
  •  SPOTLIGHT  Digital Medicine Grand Rounds: Spotlight on Innovations in Gastroenterology & IBD
  •  SPOTLIGHT  Digital Medicine Grand Rounds: Spotlight on Northwell Health
  •  SPOTLIGHT  Digital Medicine Grand Rounds: Spotlight on Oncology – Digital Health Innovations in Cancer Care
  •  SPOTLIGHT  Digital Medicine Grand Rounds: Spotlight on Pediatrics- Digital Health Innovations in Pediatrics and Family Medicine
  •  SPOTLIGHT  Mount Sinai Transformation  – Ensuring the Most Promising Technologies Advance Beyond the Bench
  •  SPOTLIGHT  Cleveland Clinic’s Digital Care Delivery Models that Connect to Traditional Care
  •  SESSION  Exploring and Extracting the Evidence
  •  SESSION  The State of Evidence in Digital Health
  •  SESSION  Empowering Your Workforce to Transform the Care Experience and Improve Outcomes
  •  SESSION  From Innovation to Enterprise Transformation – What Happens When Purpose, Passion and Persistence meet the People, Processes, and Tech
  •  SESSION  Innovation at Scale – Building the Environment to Enable Digital Transformation
  •  SESSION  Interoperability 2.0 – Data Democratization Clearing the Path for Digital Transformation
  •  SESSION  Tried and True Transformation
  •  SESSION  A Primer in Evidence-Based Digital Medicine brought to you by NODE.Health Digital Medicine University
  •  WORKGROUP  Scholar NODE – The Evidence Based Digital Medicine Curriculum
  •  SESSION  Telehealth 2.0 – Everything You Need to Know About Today’s Most Transformational Health Tech
  •  SESSION  Medical Society Leadership Summit – Establishing Industry Wide Digital Medicine Clinical Practice Guidelines
  •  SPOTLIGHT  Digital Innovation in Pediatric Care: How Children’s Hospitals are Transforming Patient Experiences Through Mobile Health and Immersive Experiences
  •  SESSION  Envisioning the Healthcare System of the Future Today – What Does Patient Centered Care Anywhere Look Like in 2050
  •  SPOTLIGHT  Mount Sinai Transformation – Ensuring the Most Promising Technologies Advance Beyond the Bench to Make an Impact on Health Content
  •   COMPETITION  MedStartr Momentum at NODE.Health Pitch Competition Awards and Judges Panel Discussion
  •   COMPETITION  NODE.Health 2019 From Innovation to Transformation Award – Winner Most Promising Innovation
  •   COMPETITION  NODE.Health 2019 From Innovation to Transformation Awards – Winner Most Evidence Based
  •   COMPETITION  NODE.Health 2019 From Innovation to Transformation Awards – Winner Most Transformational
  •  SESSION  The Holy Grail of Digital Transformation – Scaling the Programs that Improve Patient Outcomes, Experience, Access and Your Organization’s Bottom Line
DMC 2019 Speakers


Thomas Hoglund
Executive, PS&O Lead – Innovation and Offering Services


Michael Ames
Sr. Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences


Jim Conmy
General Manager, US National Healthcare Organization


Alexander Madama, D.O.
Chief Technologist, Healthcare and Life Sciences


DMC 2019 Sessions

By Corporate & Venture

  •  KEYNOTE  Powering Digital Medicine to Democratize Healthcare, Bridge the Digital Divide and Improve the Health of Women, Children, and Families in our Most Vulnerable Communities
  •  SESSION  Closing the Evidence Gap in Digital Medicine to Advance the Application of Digital to Major Public Health Issues
  •  SESSION  Innovation at the Speed of Change – How New Competitors and Cross Sector Collaboration are Accelerating Healthcare Innovation
  •  WORKGROUP  Innovator & Investor NODE: Financing Evidence Based Innovation   
DMC 2019 Speakers

Digital Tech Leaders

Gaurav Narang
VP Strategic Partnerships and Operations

Rx Health

Dr. Carlos Gutierrez
International BD

Transmural Biotech / Expansion Global

David Dubin
Co-founder, AliveAndKickn.org , VP of Sales

Kailos Genetics

DMC 2019 Sessions

By Digital Tech Leaders

  •  KEYNOTE  Fireside Chat – Innovations in Engaging Patients and Consumers in their Health
  •  WORKGROUP  NODE.Health UX Measures: A Tool for Measuring and Improving The User Experience for Patients and Clinicians, A Key Ingredient for Innovation Design and Implementation
  •  WORKGROUP  Patient NODE: More than Patient Centered – Patient Designed Healthcare Experience
  •  SPOTLIGHT  Digital Medicine Grand Rounds: VR, AI, and Machine Learning in General Medicine & Primary Care
  •  SESSION  Women’s Health – Femtech- Closing the Industry’s Biggest Evidence Gap
  •  WORKGROUP  Accelerator NODE: Digital Accelerators Beyond Incubation to Implementation
  •  WORKGROUP  Public Health NODE: Bridging the Digital Divide with Vulnerable and Underserved Populations
DMC 2O19 Speakers


Madalina Sucala, PhD
Senior Manager of Behavior Science at Health and Wellness Solutions

Johnson & Johnson

Karen Twomey
Key Account Director


Dr. Sumu Sethi
Digital Health Leader

Hoffman-La Roche

DMC2019 Sessions

By Pharma

  •  SESSION  Evidence to Transformation – Realities of Regulations and Reimbursement in the Digital Frontier
  •  WORKGROUP  Payer NODE: Evaluating Digital Interventions that Deliver on Value-Based Care
  •  SESSION  Digital Phenotypes, Behavioral Phenotypes, and Small Data Revolutionizing the Way Patients Experience Healthcare
  •  WORKGROUP  Pharma NODE: Scaling Digital Health – Leveraging the Potential of Cross Sector Collaboration
DMC 2019 Speakers


Dr. Steven Peskin
Executive Medical Director

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

  •  SESSION  Establishing an Approval Pathway for Digital Therapeutics, Medical Devices, and other Types of Connected Modern Medical Technology
  •  SESSION  Ushering in A New Era of Personalization in Digital Medicine- Digital Phenotyping for Research Spanning Infectious Disease, Adverse Events, Vaping, Drug Abuse and More

Join us this year for
Digital Medicine Conference 2020
Pre-Registration is OPEN!

Get early-bird access and perks!