Combating COVID-19 through Digital

In view of the urgency created by multiple COVID 19 clusters in the US and the unprecedented challenge created by spread in the community and especially among health care workers, NODE.Health aims to do our part in bringing the ecosystem together to battle this pandemic. Until we defeat it, NODE.Health is committed to directing our energies to identifying and supporting digital solutions and lessons that can be helpful to surveilling, triaging, and managing the virus. We will work with our ecosystem partners to support a network of sharing and learning from each other.

Digital Medicine University Webinars

  • The NODE.Health open webinar series will provide freely available to the community at large to address the challenges created by COVID-19.
  • The intent is to share solutions and lessons learned in validating, adopting, and scaling digital solutions within the healthcare ecosystem.
  • These webinars are not intended for the purpose of providing medical advice. Please consult with your local medical providers or refer to resources from public health officials.
  • We will make post past and upcoming webinars on our home page.

Open Call for Solutions and Speakers

  • We have a call to action for solutions and speakers to submit to be part of our growing catalogue of relevant solutions.
  • We will be joining our ecosystem partners in collecting and sharing information on how digital solution may be effective in diagnosing, triaging, and caring for patients during this time.
  • Submit here to both register your solution as a potential player in fighting COVID and to potentially present your solution, approach or lessons learned at a future series.

Pulse Newsletter

  • We will continue to keep our members up-to-date with helpful information related to leveraging digital solutions in combating COVID-19.
  • The newsletter will feature relevant studies, events or emerging themes in leveraging digital to transform the healthcare system.
  • We will also use this forum to announce events and webinars relevant to COVID-19