About Us

NODE.Health (Network of Digital Evidence in Health) is the home for evidence based digital medicine that brings together a network of societies, organizations and innovators dedicated to digital transformation in health.

Our Mission

We are the clinical validation network of the digital health industry


Combine the rigor of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) with emerging healthcare technologies to help create evidence-based digital medicine. NODE Members represent a diverse group of academic innovation centers, industry, investors, and entrepreneurs. Combining startup spirit with rigor of evidence based medicine, node.Health builds and explores the knowledge base now required to lead global healthcare systems and industry into value based era.

Our Goals

End death by Pilot

  • Sharing information about ongoing single site digital medicine pilots to prevent duplication
  • Standardizing existing governance and regulatory policies to fast track pilot adoption and evaluation
  • Adopting new research designs and clinical trial endpoints that are relevant to value based healthcare
  • Launching strategic initiatives to support multi-site digital medicine pilots
  • Publishing and disseminating the results into journals, and help launch the journal of digital medicine evidence

Our Team

Clinicians + Innovators + Business Leaders + Cutting Edge Technologists

  • Clinicians – group of principal investigators who bring evidence based rigor to clinical trials
  • Innovators – collection of digital health startups transforming the industry
  • Business Leaders – investment and commercialization opportunities to advance digital health
  • Technologists – sophisticated technical skills to develop platforms for improving clinical outcomes

Our Beginnings

Inspired by award-winning doctor and innovator


Launched in Feb 2016 by Founder, Ashish Atreja, NODE Health began by a small group of digital innovators and passionate healthcare stakeholders to drive evidence in digital health.