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NODE.Health Hospital/Health System Membership

NODE.Health is a network dedicated to bringing the healthcare ecosystem together, and in providing opportunities for providers, practices, hospitals and health care systems to play an active role in creating, gathering and disseminating evidence to bring the promise of digital innovation to the real world of healthcare delivery.

As such, we are pleased to offer free hospital and healthcare system membership for one year, and extended if health systems maintain a level of involvement. At NODE.Health, we believe the key to accelerating digital adoption in health is through active engagement by the care givers that serve our communities, which is why we have simplified eligibility for membership and made it based solely on your involvement in supporting a mission to generate and share evidence. All health care provider entities are eligible that deliver care directly to patients to include but not limited to Health Systems, Hospitals, Private Care Practices, Ambulatory Centers, Specialty Care Centers. 

Please see here for the benefits associated with membership, which are increasing every day. 

To qualify, please see the criteria we have compiled to make you and your organization eligible for gaining Complementary Membership. Satisfying one of the below criteria over 12 months qualifies members. Where possible, we opt members in while providing them with the ability to decline.  If you believe you have satisfied one of these criteria and are not yet a member, please reach out to us at [email protected] to let us know! 

  • You serve on the Governing Board, Executive Board, or “soon to be” Advisory Board and meet the criteria for active participation (criteria specific to boards)
  • You have spoken or presented at a DMC Event (Course or Conference)
  • You lead a NODE workgroup
  • You bring one sponsors or member for $10K or more
  • You participate in one validation study or discovery effort (as Scholar, Researcher, or Principal Investigator)
  • You co-author a paper under the NODE.Health brand
  • You serve or have someone from your organization serve on the Scientific Advisory Board
  • You speak or present during a monthly Webinar throughout the year
  • You participate in a NODE workgroup (throughout the year) or workshop (singular)
  • You have at least one executive attend the Digital Medicine Conference
  • You have at least five attendees from the organization join us for the DMC Conference or Course

Finally, NODE.Health is offering these same entities the option to buy bulk tickets to our events, thereby making our course and conference accessible throughout the organization.  For the discounted price of $5,000 healthcare organizations can purchase 100 Course and Conference Tickets.  We feel this is an excellent opportunity to bring NODE.Health to your entire organization.  Please email us at [email protected] to request this package.  See you there! 

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