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Deciphering the Realities of Healthcare Analogies

If you’ve read anything about health IT lately, you’ve no doubt seen cross-industry analogies designed to help you understand the latest breaking digital solution within a healthcare setting. Think “insert sexy disrupting tech venture” of healthcare.

But beyond the attempt to quickly explain mission or vision, these analogies can be far reaching claims intended to evoke the art of the possible, rather than the reality of the actual. Judgment aside, it’s helpful to know what these claims are implicating, and the associated challenges they must overcome to be truthful.

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Digital Health Tools for the Emergency Department Before, During, and After COVID-19

Increasing accessibility and efficiency in emergency departments (EDs) nationwide has been an active area of quality improvement. In the last decade, technological advances have been implemented to bridge gaps in access, standardize quality of care, anticipate extremes in patient census, and improve communication. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need for creating operational efficiencies to prepare for surges. What is the role that digital health technologies may play in the ED to help accomplish these goals?